A wide variety of products go into the crucible system for induction melting.

Crucibles can be isostatically pressed, for uniform density, or cast in capacities up to 3000kg.  Backing the crucible is a monolithic rammed lining, a slip plane and possibly an outer sleeve or a quick-change crucible-basket assembly; atomising or metering nozzles may be required for bottom pouring

The casting manufacturing system also allows for special shapes to be made, such as ladles, tundishes, launders, pouring spouts.


mica_sheetsMica Slip Plane

The MICA SLIP PLANE is designed to separate refractory systems from the coil grout/screed, whilst providing a smooth surface.  This is needed for uninhibited reversible movement of the refractory lining system caused by its thermal expansion and contraction. The mica also offers a degree of protection against metal penetration, extra thermal insulation and added electrical insulation.  Coil damage in larger installations can consequently be avoided, and removal of the the spent lining is made easier due to the prevention of binding between backing material and coil grout.

A range of micanites is offered to cover most circumstances and preferences: pure mica, a little fragile but with a very low coefficient of friction, tough mica glass or else mica weave which consists of a metal mesh sandwiched between two layers of mica to give a pre-warning of metal escape.

Available in 1m wide rolls with lengths from 1 to 20m and an average thickness of 0.4mm.