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Cerex is a supplier of high quality refractory shapes, specialising in crucibles and refractory systems for induction furnaces with capacities ranging from 1kg to 3000kg.

The special shapes and the crucibles are available in a variety of materials, including fused silica, alumina, magnesia and zirconia. These are to suit the melting and casting of steels, non-ferrous metals, superalloys and precious metals in any atmosphere

  • Commercial

    Precision investment castings generally carried out with an air atmosphere, covering a wide range of castings from simple to complex, using low carbon and alloy steels, nickel and cobalt alloys

  • Turbines and Medical

    Turbines and medical. Precision investment castings generally carried out under vacuum or with an inert atmosphere. Products of this sector are made from nickel-based or cobalt-based superalloys.

  • Precious metals

    For silver and gold alloys, palladium and platinum alloys, melting in air, vacuum or inert atmosphere. Crucible systems for casting, reclamation and assay work. Oxide crucibles and also graphite….