A wide variety of products go into the crucible system for induction melting.

Crucibles can be isostatically pressed, for uniform density, or cast in capacities up to 3000kg.  Backing the crucible is a monolithic rammed lining, a slip plane and possibly an outer sleeve or a quick-change crucible-basket assembly; atomising or metering nozzles may be required for bottom pouring

The casting manufacturing system also allows for special shapes to be made, such as ladles, tundishes, launders, pouring spouts.


Screeds & Toppings

SILKOTE 90 is a hydraulically bonded, high alumina coil screed, or grout, for induction furnaces, which sets in air. These coil screeds have a fine granulometry with a smooth surface allowing relatively unfettered movement of the crucible backing when subject to thermal expansions and contractions, by working with the slip plane.

ALMACAP is a chemically bonded, high alumina induction furnace topping and patching agent. It should be used sparingly as a topping, just sufficient to hold the backing materials in place without fixing the crucible in an immovable position. As a patch, it can be used up to temperatures of 1700oC.