Cerex has been supplying crucibles and refractory shapes for the induction melting process since 1995, born out of a technical consultancy service for the refractories industry in the UK.

The Company is located in Sheffield, a traditional centre of the British steel industry and the hub of the British refractories industry.

Cerex is committed to supplying first-rate products and to providing the most appropriate solutions in terms of materials and engineering, aided by research and development facilities and strict quality control.

Tel: +44 114 2587562

  • Commercial

    Precision investment castings generally carried out with an air atmosphere, covering a wide range of castings from simple to complex, using low carbon and alloy steels, nickel and cobalt alloys

  • Turbines and Medical

    Turbines and medical. Precision investment castings generally carried out under vacuum or with an inert atmosphere. Products of this sector are made from nickel-based or cobalt-based superalloys.

  • Precious metals

    For silver and gold alloys, palladium and platinum alloys, melting in air, vacuum or inert atmosphere. Crucible systems for casting, reclamation and assay work. Oxide crucibles and also graphite….